Grand opening of collaboration agreement with Eye Hospital in Beijing


Back to everyday-life after exciting and memorable days after been visited by professor Lina Liang and management from the Eye Hospital in Beijing.

Cooperation with Eye Hospital is finally marked with a very pleasant ceremony at the clinic. Thank you so much to all our patients, friends and especially the leader in acupuncture association Magnhild Bugge and our mentor, teacher and good partner and friend John Boel, who helped make the day special for us!

Now we look forward to exciting future times and look forward to even closer cooperation with the largest eye hospital in China, Eye Hospital. Finally it is also confirmed now and decicion made; St Olav Eye Clinic, in collaboration with Boel acupuncture and Eye Hospital, will initiate a research case on the eye disease AMD.

This is historical in many ways and a very important work for developing more understandment and acceptance for our discipline. The goal is to make this treatment more accessible for all the thousands of patients who currently are notified that nothing can be made for their vision.

We are planning our next trip to Eye Hospital with Norwegian patients in late august, this year. We are really looking forward to that!

This weekend we were also showing our Chinese visitors our beautiful Norwegian archipelago and we had an absolutely delightful boatride all the way out to Tristein lighthouse. With diving and a good seafood-catch... - we served fresh boiled crabs picked straight from the sea. Thank you for a wonderful visit!

Regards Ole Jørgen & Erik


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