Hi Ole Jørgen. I just came from the eye doctor😂. There is know more AMD in mye eye any longer! Thaaaaaaank you for you cureing me!!!!! Love you!!!!! Mvh Hannah.

April 11, 2017

The gift of sight is priceless! When Dr. Whisnant told me that on the week of April 3, 2017, he was having two guest doctors of Acupuncture from Norway, Dr. Erik Vinje Olbjørn and Dr. Ole Jørgen Frydenlund , come to restore your vision I was very excited to be able to get an appointment with them.cWith gradual deterioration of my vision, it seemed nearly impossible to get the correct prescription for my eyes. I thought I would be soon not be able to see like my relatives had been.c

The first day of acupuncture, I left the clinic and was extremely shocked at how much clearer my eyesight already was. I could see license plates a few cars ahead of mt and read some road signs, that I had had such a hard time seeing in the past.cBy the third visit, my sight has improved quite a bit. Everything was clearer, colors were more vibrant, I can see at night in the rain, with oncoming cars. I no longer have itchy dry eyes.
Having better vision was hard to imagine, but attainable with acupuncture. It has worked for me!

Thank you for your caring nature and concern for people's eyesight~

Joyce Jobin,

I have a serious eye condition that has given my vision bad "odds". My eyesight was deteriorating. Alongside ongoing hospital, I started on alternative treatment in November 2015 at acupuncturist Ole J. Frydenlund. My eyesight has improved greatly, and the very negative trend has reversed to a positive development. I have no doubt that treatment in Frydenlund has been a strong contributing factor to this.

Karen Dynna,

I was born in 1928 and was 73 years when I started having problems with his left eye. Lampposts bowed, keyboard on my PC started to jump back and forth and lines of printed material and text on TV went in waves.

There were visits to the optometrist who gave the message that I had macular degeneration of the retina. After visiting general practitioner and ophthalmologist I was referred to the eye clinic at Vestfold Hospital. There was the eye problem confirmed. But I also got a message that there was no medical treatment for this disorder. I got a stenciled sheet with list of vitamins and minerals that could build up the general condition and thus slow down the negative development of vision.

Tipped off by a naturopath in Sandvika sought I Borgheim Acupuncture with Erik Vinje to try acupuncture against the eye problem. After a half year left eye has improved and after another half worked the left eye normally. For years I went to therapy once a month to keep the state alive. A couple of years ago I was advised to take more often treatment. The last few years I've now been treated every other week.

The left eye has continued to function normally, while the right eye gradually has been marked by suffering. It has also been noted cataracts in both eyes. The pressure in the eyes came up in 17 on the left eye and 19 on the right. A pair of needles added during processing received depressed in 15 in both eyes. According to recent survey ophthalmologic development of the damage to the macula now stabilized.

During these years of treatment with Erik Vinje, I have also twice a year going to control by an ophthalmologist. Ophthalmologist performs a thorough investigation, but does not treat. Vinje treats, but does not examine. It had been a big win for many if there were a collaboration between the school medical examination and the "alternative" treatment. I have found that the treatment of macular degeneration ( "calcification") with acupuncture can lead to improvement of vision and may provide opportunities to stop or slow down the development of this disorder, but it needed more research in this area. This I know Erik Vinje is concerned. He has started a partnership with Eye Hospital in Beijing to try and unite the western conventional medicine with Chinese medical culture.

Erik Vinje work seriously and is cooperating with acupuncturists in Denmark, England and China. He shows personal care and concern for their patients. Treatment of AMD with acupuncture can give patients hope of saving sight. The alternative is resignation and just wait for the vision gradually disappears.

Hans Jacob Andreassen,