Our teachers and mentors

We have been spending a lot of time on courses, studies and practicing over the years. Our two main supporters and professors at Eye Hospital in China are Prof. Dr. Wei Qi-Oing and Prof. Dr. Liang Lina,- but there are also others that we have gained a lot of experience and education from.

Professor Wei Qi-Ping
Professor Wei Qi- Ping currently serves as Chief Physician and supervisor of doctoral students at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.
Professor Liang Lina
Professor Eye Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. Ph.D in Ophthalmology, July 2003, China Academy of Chinese Medical Science, Beijing
Prof Ming Qing Zhu
Prof. Ming Qing Zhu is the founder of the renowned Zhu's scalp acupuncture. One of the main leading authorities in scalp acupuncture
Susan Johnson
Teacher - Master Tung. Master Tung; one of the greatest acupuncturists within the century; and has been a part of a revolutionary way of working with acupuncture
John Boel
He has been a great inspiration to us both and an important teacher. John Boel is the founder of the well known system Acupuncture2000 and AcuNova
Dr. Richard
Teh Fu Tan
Founder and developer of 'The Balance Method'. One of the greatest performers of acupuncture in our time