Ole Jørgen Frydenlund

ole-jorgen-frydenlundOLE JØRGEN FRYDENLUND

Managing director of St. Olaveye Clinic Oslo

Phone +47 957 71 478

Email: oj@stolaveye.com

Educated in classic TCM acupuncture and Chinese medicine from the Norwegian College of Acupuncture, ‘Akupunkturhøgskolen’, in Oslo (AKHS).

Accomplished a graduation after five year study part time of integrated western medicine.
Member of the Norwegian Acupuncture Society and former member of the board and member of the
election committee in the same union,- former NFKA.

Ole Jørgen is treating patients based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
as a foundation - with also includes cupping, moxa, electro-acupuncture and provide health- and nutrition advices additionally. He has been working with acupuncture on the complementary medicine-clinic in Oslo, Balder clinic, since early 2000 and became managing director for the clinic in 2009.

In educational works, he has written a thesis on how to treat cataract with traditional Chinese medicine, TCM. For over 19 years Ole Jørgen has treated eye disorders with acupuncture and obtained a lot of experience in the field. In 2014 he left Oslo for St. Olav Health Clinic in Tønsberg and works now also with Eye Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, i Beijing - in cooperation with Erik Vinje Olbjørn.

By travel the world and learn from science, research and doctors over several years, Ole Jørgen has also acquired in-depth knowledge about treating several eye disorders with acupuncture. Ole Jørgen use techniques and methods from Dr. Tan, Master Tung, Acupuncture 2000, AcuNova and TCM.

Ole Jørgen is working Oslo, the capital of Norway