Microcurrent stimulation

Microcurrent stimulation device: MicroStim 100i LE

Now available at St. Olav Eye Clinic!

Microcurrent Stimulation by using MicroStim 100i LE

Microcurrent Stimulation helps stimulate energy production (ATP) in the retina, improve circulation and reduce waste build-up.

As the first eyeclinic within northern part of europe, St. Olav Eye Clinic has obtained exclusively sales rights for a special developed microcurrent device, MicroStim 100i LE, and can now provide treatment on eye ailments and disorders as wet and dry AMD, Stargardts, Retinitis pigmentosas, glaucoma, Ushers syndrome and several more diseases on retina - like it is already been done and still does in several countries all over the world, fighting eyedisorders.

This device is also approved by the American FDA, and both surgeons, ophthalmologists, professors and other health professionals are using microcurrent as their preferred treatment methode on eyedisorders on hospitals and clinics all over the world.

Now it is even possible for you to buy your own MicroStim 100i LE-device for home-treatment. In order to provide more continious treatment, you will now be able to get treatment with microcurrent on a daily basis without leaving your home. That will make treatment even better and bring faster measureable results on treating ailments and disorders in retina.

// For more information about treatment and the device MicroStim 100i LE, please contact:

Tønsberg / Erik Vinje Olbjørn Tel. +47 48 10 28 93

Oslo / Ole Jørgen Frydenlund Tel. +47 95 77 14 78

Learn more about treatment with microcurrent in this video:

Below you can clique to download more information (pdf-files) on research, instructions etc. to your computer to read more closely how it works, benefits, results in studies etc.

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