Privacy Policy • GDPR for St. Olav Eye Clinic

St. Olav Eye Clinic represents also as a trademark and is an head office for several companies.

St. Olav Eye Clinic has an overall privacy policy for all member companies.

Responsible treatment

The owner of each member company is responsible for treatment.

The owner of the St. Olav Eye Clinic trademark determines the purpose and how the information is processed.

What personal information is processed?

St. Olav Eye needs to save your contact information. Furthermore, the journal will contain personalities about you, necessary to be able to practice any treatment. Beyond what the therapist does for his / her own part in written assessments, the journal will only contain information you choose to provide.

Use of personal data

St. Olav Eye Clinic keeps contactinformation about you. The record itself is kept at each contact and is necessary to register in order to perform any treatment. We use the journalsystem 'Promed' and follow their guidelines on storing of personal data.

St. Olav Eye Clinics legal basis is the 'Act on Alternative Treatment'. Furthermore, Chapter 5 of the norwegian Health Personnel Act applies to the duty of confidentiality and right of disclosure, §22 through §25, as well as the Personal Data Act as a whole. Personal information is provided to third parties only with the consent of the patient. This is mainly a case of a GP or other therapist, as well as case manager / physician in NAV and Child Welfare.

Where is the information obtained?

The dialogue group only collects information provided voluntarily from the patient to the therapist. Given that it is voluntary to visit us, we do not state that it is voluntary to provide information. Exceptions apply to children with or without accompanying parents, as required by law.

Deletion and patient rights

Patient records should be deleted no later than ten, 10, years after the last patient contact, both from the main medium and external storage medium. When the external storage medium is no longer in use for this purpose, it should be destroyed so that it no longer works. Journal is also deleted on written request from patient, with immediate effect. The patient may at any time require to see his or her journal, as well as have corrected or erased inaccurate or incorrect information. This must also be updated, of March 2020 in writing. Transparency takes place by attendance by appointment or en route for one hour. Credentials for checking social security numbers against records are presented if necessary.

Securing patient information

We have strict procedures for storing patient information. This involves up to several physical and electronic barriers, requirements for access control, as well as how equipment is used and stored.


The St. Olav Eye Clinic does not store every member company's patient records. Each therapist and thus the controller is stated as the contact person for their patients.

Security Advisor at St. Olav Eye Clinic is: Ole Jørgen Frydenlund. Contach by email is preferable to:

The owner of the domain is owned by Ole Jørgen Frydenlund and Erik Vinje Olbjørn.