Collaboration with the Eye Hospital in Beijing

eye-hospital-bejingAs the only Norwegian clinic, St. Olav Eye Clinic is chosen to be the local representative of the acknowledged Eye Hospital of Beijing. A sort of a foreign department. In this department, there will be eye doctors, professors and specialists present from time to time - working on developing treatment techniques and exercising for staff.

This is a very good opportunity for us therapists at the clinic to learn more and specialize in the field,- but also Norwegian patients will gain to this exchange-program, receiving high quality treatment from the Chinese specialists.

At Eye Hospital in Beijing, there is established an international department, where doctors and patients from all over the world, is welcome for treatment or education. At this hospital, eye doctors and acupuncturists works closely together in order to find the absolute best and suitable treatment for their patients. Everyone that works at St. Olav Eye Clinic is randomly attendants to courses and seminars with the Chinese experts according to treat eye disorders with acupuncture.

It is important for us to learn and experience - and keep both knowledge and motivation alive. So we best can convey both treatment, research and methods to the Norwegian patients. In China, acupuncture is an important priority, especially when it comes to eye disorders. So by making a collaboration branch, we build bridges between the two countries, and bridges between western modern medicine and ancient eastern medicine that includes herbs, acupuncture and a more holistic point of view. We truly believe in seeing the human body as one unit.


dr-fan-jipingDr. Fan Jiping
MD/Ph.D, President of Eye hospital, China Academy of CACMS